Best Real Estate Agent Websites in 2019

Best Real Estate Agent Websites in 2019

Realty business apart from the realtor’s handwork and skin in the game requires a strong online presence in today’s scenario. A strong online presence often represented by the website, is a undisputed weapon for effectively marketing your real estate offerings to prospective clients.

Here’s a million dollar question for real estate agents- How do you go about building relation with clients who are searching homes online and a trusted realtor! A smart answer is way beyond having a website for the namesake; it’s about having one that sells for you.

A good website focuses on the realtor but a great website focuses on the client. What is in it for the client- is what you should think first. Everything else comes later.

In this article, we bring you the best real estate agent websites in Canada in 2019. From a comprehensive list to the final 5, we considered the best practices like:

a) Ease of Navigation
b) Effectiveness of the content
c) Call to action placements
d) Overall look & feel
e) and Mobile compatibility

If you use the Website builder of Agent360, you get the above best practices in the core of our product.

So, here’s the list of the best realtor websites selected by our team of experts.

Top Peel Realtors


Top peel realtor’s attraction lies in its simplicity and placement of the essential elements in the first viewport. An attractive slider runs in the background and the property search engine is placed right where it should be.

Right below that you get the list of latest properties and other call to action buttons. The website is easy to scroll and read through and fully mobile compatible.

This website has been built using our Skylon real estate website template.


Amandeep Singh Homes

Amandeep Singh’s website boasts of bold and aggressive colours which relates with the younger audience very well. It has a nice slide show in the first viewport with a simple 

Amandeep Singh Homes

property search bar for searching properties by address, state, city or zipcode.

Following that it has Buying and Selling Tips for its visitors which is definitely a value add. This section is followed by a “Subscribe to our Newsletter” section for building a loyal list of subscribers. We really love the choice of CTA placements on this website built on our realtor website template Stanley.


Houses for Sale in GTA

This specific website has beautiful placement of viewports and call to actions. Starting with a nice picture slideshow and relevant idx listings search filter, it has realtor’s profile attractively placed in the second viewport, adding a layer of credibility to the website.

The website has a floating navigation throughout the page scroll down, giving ease of browsing.


Our favourite part of this website is the translucent pictures for “finding dream home” and “neighbourhood watch”. Both these features are powered by Agent360’s product suite.

This website has been built using our Whistler real estate website template.


Houses in Ontario

This website built on our realtor website template Niagra boasts of a unique design approach in the first viewport. The Idx integration filters are evenly aligned to create an impressive layout and the realtor’s profile looks crisp too.

As you scroll down further, every element speaks a story and connects well with the target audience. It’s fully compatible on mobile handsets and different screen sizes.




This website uses our website template Sandysore and looks very elegant top to bottom. Towards the lower one-third, realtor’s profile is gracefully displayed with a “get in touch” call to action button which opens a popup inquiry form.


The footer looks decorously alluring and gives good internal linkages to other pages for the ease of user experience.



On a closing note, the attraction of a website lies in the user’s eyes but as you dress yourself tastefully for a meeting, so should your website be.  

Your website is the first sales person to your potential customers. If it doesn’t sell when you’re asleep, it’s of no use. So make sure it doesn’t just look well but also delivers the message well.

Positioning the right elements correctly is as important as thinking what to say when in your sales pitch. 

We hope you like the websites from the above list. If you feel like giving us the opportunity to build your website or using our website builder to build on your own, give us a shoutout.


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