The effective Pitch to drive more Real estate sales

The effective Pitch to drive more Real estate sales

Most budding real estate agents are passionate about starting their business getting inspiration from rich realtors driving expensive cars and making millions.

In reality though from their “Eureka” moment to on-ground execution, struggle to find customers, they often land meetings which do not convert to sales.

They lack industry experience, struggle with limited knowledge of the product and do not clearly understand what’s right for their customers.

This often leads to an ineffective pitch to convince a customer for buying the products they promote. Through this article backed by the experience of successful real estate agents, we share what you can do to make your pitch more effective.


1. Connect With The Customer Through Your Pitch

It’s important to remember that everyone has limited time and less attention span. If your interaction does not engage the prospect, you will have a hard time convincing them to buy the property.

It’s important to understand client’s requirements in the initial few minutes of your interaction. For example if you are going to pitch a home to the prospect, try asking the questions about what he does for a living, their family size, work location and budget in first few minutes.

Then try to be creative in how you tell the customer why the product you are pitching will suit his requirements. As a realtor, your job is to find what’s the most beneficial for your client, not you.


2. Keep It Simple

Realtors have a false perception that their pitch needs to be fancy, exhibiting some jaw dropping facts and jargon.  However, the reality is that it is better to keep your pitch concise and to-the-point.

Try to show the value your product brings on the table for your prospective client. Simplicity is less talked about but valued very well over unnecessary complex pitches.

The simplicity should also reflect in your first touch point with the prospects- say your website where they find you. Agent 360 website builder offers you plenty of features to build a great real estate website for building connect with the customer.


3. Make a lasting Impression

The manner you put yourself forward can make or break the deal for you. Your confidence in how you speak and what you tell build the rationale of whether you will convert a sale or not. It is more relevant if you are meeting your customer for the first time. 

Although they are willing to invest money into your recommendations, they are essentially going to back you if you create a lasting impact through your pitch.

If you are able to reflect your dependability and reliability through your interactions with the clients, they will be more than happy to work with you. However if you reflect arrogance and “I know it all” attitude, you will lose the deal in no time.


4. Know what you are selling

Real estate for the essence of big ticket transactions needs the seller to have a deep understanding of the product and the deliverables. Being transparent about the positives and negatives of the product really builds an unprecedented connection with the client.

Realtors must know what makes their promoted real estate unique and best fit client’s needs. To be able to make it look attractive to the prospect, you should know what you are selling much better than what client knows already.

Your purpose of being the facilitator for someone to make a financial decision should be justified.


5. Be forthright about the exit plan

It is integral to expect that the buyer will invest his life savings only if he genuinely foresees a future appreciation. Although it’s impossible to predict the future, you should metaphorically tell them what it may look like 5 years down the line if they might want to sell.

You may also share some success stories of your customers who invested with your recommendations and made successful exits.

The foundation of your reputation as a realtor will always be your contented clients so create such stories backed by facts to create demand of your work.



For most new realtors, pitching to the real estate buyers or investors might be a nerve-wracking scenario because of lack of experience.

But if you have faith in what you are selling and you keep yourself in the buyer’s shoes, you will make your way.

You must practice your pitch repeatedly with your friends and family to have the answers ready for most of the common questions.

Try to tackle questions asked by buyers on online real estate forums as well which may add some real sharp pointers to your pitch.

Most importantly, after your product pitch, you must follow up incessantly with your prospect. Our real estate crm has all the features for you to build and nurture a lasting connect with the client.

If they are not taking interest in replying, with our crm, you can keep them posted with the latest updates in the real estate markets and the new opportunities.

Thank us later when your conversion rates grow.

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